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Email Templates

Start sending responsive, appealing emails that recipients will read and engage with.

How email campaigns work

Add personalised content

Sign into your Dashboard. Select your tailor-made brand template. Add relevant content to your template.

Preview & Send to subscribers

Test your email by sending a copy to your own address. Once you're happy, select your chosen list of subscribers and click send.

Track your campaign

View the campaign report. See who's opened your emails and explore which links seem to be the most popular.

Hand-coded, well designed templates

Attention to detail counts

If you want visitors to read your emails and engage with them, you need to get the design right. We'll focus on the quality and creative design to make this email a flag rather than a trash.

Built for popular email readers

— And the older ones too

After clicking send, we can assure you with peace of mind that your email will arrive to recipients in good form.

Readers such as Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook are becoming more innovative for developers. We'll take advantage of that innovation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Email Marketing?

News, updates, offers & promotions sent via email. We design our emails with precision, lasting impressions & tailored features.

Q: Where do I start?

If you've never advertised via email before, there's no need to worry. With Pixel Waves, it's easy, fast and you'll be familiar with it all in no time.

Q: Why is Email Marketing effective?

The Radicati Group estimate that there are over 3.3 billion active email accounts in the world. Of which, 92% of adults check their emails daily. Spread the word fast.

Q: Is it really effective?

The vast majority of emails are standard, robotic and let's say 'just dull'. Our job is to make sure that the email is highly likely to be read.

Q: Where do I get my subscribers?

We can help you ensure that you have a growing list of subscribers and are in safe accordance with the Email Anti-SPAM regulations.

Q: How much does it cost?

Once you have a template, we'll help you get set up in an Email Dashboard. Every time you send a campaign you will be charged by the recipient. This is usually 0.01p.

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